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Music From A Festival Field


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01. Hamid Baroudi – Sidi 03:36

02. Toto La Momposina – La Paloma 03:44

03. Pato Banton – Groovin' 03:52

04. Ghostland – Faith In Love 04:18

05. David D'Or – Lecha Dodi 04:22

06. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – Ya Mohammed Bula Lo 03:01

07. Kanda Bongo Man – Ekipe 04:08

08. The Well Oiled Sisters – You Got My Heart 02:44

09. Michael Messer's Mitra – Any Way The Wind Blows 03:31

10. Purna Das Baul, Bapi Das Baul & Manju Das – Sonogo Ayaan Dada 03:30

11. Perunika Trio – Ta Ne Se Si, Mome, Naspalo 02:54

12. Ben Baddoo – Kpanlogo 05:17

13. Feat. Bruno Mello and Trumpet Boy y su Trompeta de Exito – Felicidad 05:12

14. Billy Cobham and Asere – Panama 06:19

15. Lior – This Old Love 03:04

16. Chartwell Dutiro – Shumba ya Mukwashi (The Lion Spirit of a Hunter) 04:36

These sixteen tracks are a musical companion to My Festival Romance written by Thomas Brooman CBE, co-founder of the Womad Festival.


The artists featured all relate to the lifelong passion for music that Thomas expresses in his book. Many of these artists have played at Womad Festivals in years gone by and others are simply all-time favourite tracks.


All of the artists featured here are fantastic and fearless collaborators, making music that reaches across cultural divides and established genres.


Hamid Baroudi


Born and raised in Algeria, Hamid Baroudi moved to Germany while he was still a teenager. He first worked with the German band Dissidenten before embarking on a solo career. His music has a fantastic groove, drawing upon Algerian and Touareg musical genres including Chaâbi, Raï, Houzi, Sahraoui and Oranais.


Sidi is the title track to Hamid’s third solo album, released in 1990: “He was a child and often dreamed of being a Sidi to be respected like someone noble. He travelled to different countries, learned languages, dug wells and planted trees. One day, when his book was…  more


released June 2, 2017


Bristol Archive Records and Thomas Brooman would like to thank all of the artists, individuals and companies who have kindly given their generous consent for these tracks to appear:



By kind permission of Hamid Baroudi

(P): 2001 Vieklang Musikproduktion GmbH Berlin

Publishers: Songs United Publ./Fab Squad/Partysanen/Universal Publ.

Composer and Producer: Hamid Baroudi



La Paloma:

By kind permission of Totó La Momposina and Astar Records

(P): 1989 MTM Ltda., Nuevos Medios S. A.

Publisher: Yard High/Rio Phagos

Composer: Pablo José Flórez

Producers: John Hollis, Basil Anderson and Marco Vinicio Dyaga with the collaboration of Richard Blair



By kind permission of Pato Banton

(P): 1996 IRS Records

Publishers: Purple Records Dist Corp/Fun City Music Corp (ASCAP)

Composers: E. Brigati & F. Cavaliere


Faith in Love:

By kind permission of Ghostland and Phil Knox-Roberts.

With special thanks to David Jaymes

(P): 2001 instant karma

Publisher: Warner Chappell

Composers: Justin Adams, Caroline Dale & John Reynolds

Producers: John Reynolds and Tim Oliver


Lecha Dodi:

By kind permission of David D’Or


Traditional arranged by David D’Or

Publisher: Copyright Control


Ya Mohammed Bula Lo:

By kind permission of Mr Mohammed Ayyub MBE and Oriental Star Agencies

(P): 1980 Oriental Star Agency

Traditional arranged by Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan

Publisher: Copyright Control

From the Oriental Star cassette Naat Volume 8



By kind permission of Kanda Bongo Man

©: Kanda Bongo Man Productions

Composer: Kanda Bongo Man

Publisher: Hamilcar Music


You Got My Heart:

By kind permission of Lucy Edwards

(P): 1994 Cycle Records

Composer: Lucy Edwards

Publisher: Copyright Control

Producer: John Ravenhall



Any Way the Wind Blows:

By kind permission of Michael Messer

(P): 2016 Knife Edge Records

Composer: J.J. Cale

Publisher: Audigram Songs Inc

Producers: Michael Messer, Richard Causon, Manish Pingle


Sonogo Ayaan Dada:

By kind permission of Bapi Das Baul

Singers: Purna Das Baul, Bapi Das Baul, Manju Das.

Traditional arranged by Bapi Das Baul

Publisher: Copyright Control


Ta Ne Se Si, Mome, Naspalo:

By kind permission of Eugenia Georgieva and ARC Music

(P): 2012 Arc Music Productions

Traditional arranged by Eugenia Georgieva

Publisher: Copyright Control

Producer: Jeremy Birchall



By kind permission of Ben Baddoo

Produced by Ben Baddoo & Thomas Brooman

Traditional arranged by Ben Baddoo

Publisher: Copyright Control


Felicidad (A Felicidade):

(P): 1963 Philips Argentina

Composers: A.C. Jobim & V. de Moraes

Featuring Bruno Mello (Orfeo), Trumpet Boy y su Trompeta de Exito

Publisher: Copyright Control



By kind permission of Astar Records

(P): 2008 Astar/Theatr Mwldan/Billy Cobham/Asere

Composer: Billy Cobham

Publisher: Real World Works/Astar

Producer: John Hollis


This Old Love:

By kind permission of Lior and Mushroom Music

(P): 2005 Lior

Composer: Lior

Publisher: BMG Rights Management US, LLC, O/B/O APRA AMCOS


Shumba Ya Mukwashi:

By kind permission of Chartwell Dutiro

Traditional arranged by Chartwell Dutiro

Publisher: Copyright Control

Producer: Christopher Morphitis



Compiled by Thomas Brooman

Photography Credits: Copyright remains on the various photographers great works and we thank them

All songs published as stated above

All recordings owned by the artists or labels as named and exclusively licensed to Bristol Archive Records.




Artwork designed by Sam Giles

All tracks mastered by Steve Street

(p)(c) Bristol Archive Records 2017

All Rights Reserved

Bristol Boys Make More Noise! – Mike Darby


This record is dedicated to the Bristol Recorder and Wavelength Records.

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  • 1. Sidi
  • 2. La Paloma
  • 3. Groovin’
  • 4. Faith In Love
  • 5. Lecha Dodi
  • 6. Ya Mohammed Bula Lo
  • 7. Ekipe
  • 8. You Got My Heart
  • 9. Any Way The Wind Blows
  • 10. Sonogo Ayaan Dada
  • 11. Ta Ne Se Si, Mome, Naspalo
  • 12. Kpanlogo
  • 13. Felicidad
  • 14. Panamá
  • 15. This Old Love
  • 16. Shumba Ya Mukwashi (The Lion Spirit Of A Hunter)

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