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Rumba Doo-Wop Vol. 2 – 1955-1956

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CD1 – Gumbo Mambo – 1955
1. Help Me The Aladdins
2. Somebody Changed The Lock The Empires
3. Zindy Lou The Chimes
4. Jingle Jangle The Penguins
5. That's The Way I Like It The Queens
6. When You Dance The Turbans
7. Mardi Gras Mambo The Hawketts
8. Hot Mama The Chanters
9. You Know I Can't Refuse The Five Dollars
10. Do-Be-Do-Be-Wop-Wop The Squires
11. Witchcraft The Spiders
12. Lips Red As Wine The Colts
13. Dont Do That The Five Tinos
14. Day By Day The Four Freshmen
15. Rollin' Stone The Marigolds
16. Gumbo Mambo The Larke Sisters
17. Grand, Nice, Swell The Ebony Moods
18. Chop Chop Boom The Danderliers
19. Morocco Chant The Moroccos
20. Going Down to Tia Juana The Don Juans
21. Two Things I Love The Cardinals
22. Rock It, Davy, Rock It The Jaguars
23. Cha Cha Baby The New Yorkers 5
24. Yacka Hoom Boom The Savoys
25. Cigareetos The Orioles
26. Laverne The Earls
27. Ay Si Si The Dootones
28. Mambo Baby To-Nite The Falcons
29. Watussi Wussi Wu The Tenderfoots
30. Cool, Mambo The Sheppards
31. Red Hots and Chili Mac The Moroccos
32. Man From Utopia The Vel-Aires

CD2 – Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Wop 1956
1. In Paradise The Cookies
2. Goin' Goin' Gone The Jewels
3. Gift O' Gabbin' Woman The Nutmegs
4. Everybody's Whalin' The Rhythm Aces
5. Stranded In The Jungle The Jayhawks
6. Down In Mexico The Coasters
7. Last Ride The Dukes
8. Smooth, Slow And Easy The Drivers
9. Out Of The Picture The Robins
10. Mexico Bound The Champions
11. So Good The Playboys
12. It Was a Night Like This The Turbans
13. Show Me The Merengue The Hearts
14. Cotton Pickin' Hands The Dukes
15. I'm Yours The Mellows
16. Let's Do The Razzle-Dazzle The Rip Chords
17. Gotta Have You Baby The Combonettes
18. Choo Choo The Cardinals
19. Watusi The Pharaohs
20. Mambo Fiesta The Calvaes
21. A-1 In My Heart The Spiders
22. Cha Jezabel The Notes
23. Shimmy Shimmy Ko Ko Wop The El Capris
24. Tonight The Supremes
25. A Fallen Tear The El Dorados
26. Ain't She Got Nerve The Mellows
27. Last Night The Starlighters
28. All My Love Belongs To You The Joytones
29. Don't Worry About A Thing The Sweet Teens
30. Patricia The Rhythm Masters
31. Brazil The Coasters 

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