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wydawnictwo: Red Wharf
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Trzeci album studyjny duetu Steven Stapelton i Graham Bowers.

The third studio album release from Nurse With Wound and Graham Bowers. ExcitoToxicity … an excess of most things, both mentally and physically, although exciting and pleasurable, can easily accelerate and rapidly become toxic … on a cellular level, deadly. We have thrown caution to the wind and gone overboard on the quality of the 8 Panel DigiPak artwork design and packaging for this release … why? … Graham liked all Steven's proposed paintings for the album … so Steven decided we should feature them all … on a heavy board in full gloss, on a matte background.


Excitotoxicity is an unwanted process where neurons become over-activated from a surplus of the neurotransmitter glutamate, resulting in cell death and, ultimately, tissue damage and degeneration. Essentially, neurons receive too much stimulation causing the usually well-balanced internal physiology of each cell to become off-kilter and produce excessive levels of harmful molecules that break the neuron down from the inside-out. It is believed to be an underlying part of a number of serious neurological diseases including motor neuron disease, a disease that Graham Bowers has become a victim of. This album is partly a musical diary, an artistic interpretation of neurophysiological processes and a very human response to an unfathomable loss of control.


Released in an 8 panel Digipak with clear tray.


Artwork [Artworks] – Babs Santini

Featuring, Guitar, Piano [Various Piano Parts] – Peter Benedict Gallagher

Featuring, Saxophone – Mark Porter

Rok wydania


Nośnik [ilość]


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  • 1. Chains And Gates00:09:23
  • 2. The Worm Within00:05:37
  • 3. Jack Hammer Mutation00:09:39
  • 4. Dancing Tiger00:08:02
  • 5. Excitotoxicity00:04:43
  • 6. Broken Symmetry00:04:46

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