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Post Global Music


LP, 12″, 33 1/3 RPM, Rec.1999, Reissue, Remixes by Flacco, Tied & Tickled Trio

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artysta: Aerial M
wydawnictwo: Drag City
numer katalogowy: DC158

Na tym remixowym albumie David Pajo (ex-Slint, Tortoise) prezentuje swój projekt Aerial M w remixach

Flacco, Tied & Tickled Trio, DJ Your Food i Bundy K. Brown.


Post Global Music to niezwykle ciekawy dodatek do dyskografii Aerial M.

Album of remixes from the first s/t Aerial M record.


Full title for song on side B is: "Attention Span Deficit Disorder Disruption; a journey wherein the Cheech Wizard seeks the gateway out of the world of red dust, and learns that running between the raindrops won't save you from Chocolate Thunder".


On this remix album, David Pajo (ex-Slint, Tortoise) offers up his Aerial M project to the cutting boards of Flacco, Tied & Tickled Trio, DJ Your Food and Bundy K. Brown. All four tracks are based around Aerial M's "Wedding Song No. 3," but a number of the band's other songs pop up on the record in some form. Flacco comes up with a Tortoise-y treatment, laying chugging percussion behind the song's major-key guitar melody. Tied & Tickled obliterate the original version of the track with a hyperactive saxophone and the sounds of an orchestra warming up. DJ Your Food builds his mix on the original track's "bridge," treating it with tranced-out, far-off effects (think Brown's Directions in Music record) and mind-melding beats. But it's Brown's 18-minute epic that covers the most ground. He best captures the spirit of the disc when he introduces the solemn riff from M's "Aass" and obscures its appearance like so many funhouse mirrors. Post Global Music makes for an interesting, if not entirely on-target, addition to the Aerial M discography.

Rok wydania


Nośnik [ilość]


Rodzaj wydania


Rok nagrania






Nagrane strony





33 1/3 RPM




  • A 1. Wedding 3 Mix [Remix – Flacco]00:09:07
  • A 2. Wedding Song Remix [Remix – Tied & Tickled Trio]00:04:19
  • A 3. Wedding Song No. 3 Remix [Remix – DJ Your Food]00:07:17
  • B 1. Attention Span Deficit Disorder Disruption [Remix – Bundy K. Brown]00:18:55

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