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Box 6CD

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artysta: Psychic Tv
wydawnictwo: Cold Spring Records
numer katalogowy: CSR 123 B

6-płytowy limitowany box.


1-1 Part I. Piano And Clarinet. 7:35
1-2 Part II. 23 Tibetan Human Thigh Bones. 5:55
1-3 Part III. Cowbell, Bicycle Wheels And Vibes. 12:15
1-4 Part IV. New Guinea Headhunters Pipe, Large And Small Drum. 6:03
1-5 Part V. Piano And String Machine. 7:24
1-6 Part VI. Recording Made At Jonestown, Guyana At The Time Of The Suicides. 1:41
1-7 Part VII. African Initiation Drum And Animal Tusk Horn. 7:17
1-8 Part VIII. Various Temple Bells, Gongs, Cymbals And Vibes. 6:58
Themes 2
2-1 Themes 2 Part One 9:43
2-2 Themes 2 Part Two 10:59
2-3 Themes 2 Part Three 18:12
2-4 Unclean 9:41
2-5 Mirrors 7:48
2-6 Unclean Monks 4:07
Themes 2 A Prayer For Derek Jarman
3-1 The Loops Of Mystical Union 17:55
3-2 Elipse Of Flowers 10:58
3-3 Mylar Bees (Parts 1 And 2) 7:50
3-4 Mylar Bees (Part 3) 11:56
3-5 Prayer For Derek 17:20
3-6 Rites Of Reversal 7:39
Themes 3 – Track 1 (23:06)
4-1a Culture
4-1b News
4-1c Drama
4-1d Nature
4-1e Science
Themes 3 – Track 2 (23:31)
4-2a Implant
4-2b Analgesia
4-2c Catalepsy
4-2d Reverie
4-2e Placebo
4-2f Introduction
Themes 3 CD2 A Previously Unheard Alternate Version Of The Set Of Themes 3
5-1 Untitled 7:50
5-2 Untitled 5:23
5-3 Untitled 5:01
5-4 Untitled 2:54
5-5 Untitled 4:27
5-6 Untitled 4:21
5-7 Untitled 7:30
5-8 Untitled 13:26
5-9 Untitled 7:27
Themes 4 Lady Jaye
6-1 I'm Making A Mirror 4:53
6-2 I Like My Holidays (A Children's Story) 4:05
6-3 Gobbledegook 11:47
6-4 Mother Jack (A Children's Story) 4:21
6-5 Candy Factory 30:19
6-6 I Love You, I Know 2:11
6-7 This Is The Final War 3:28   

info wydawcy:

This record, Psychic TV Themes contains recordings made by Initiates of The Temple of Psychick Youth to accompany portions of the First Transmission, another PTV product. Although it is primarily soundtrack music, we have found that even on its own, its effects are considerable. Strange things happen. For that reason, and to demonstrate that our work is not governed by normal stylistic restrictions, it is included in this package. Almost all the instruments used were acoustic but many of them have specifically ritual or Psychic properties and that is why we chose to use them. Certainly the illogical intensity of these recordings far exceeds thos made with conventional acoustic instruments.
The music itself was designed not only as soundtrack but also for subsequent use by Initiates of The Temple Ov Psychick Youth in their rituals as Funcional music intended only to aid in the process of making things happen. It is a practical tool.
Thanks are due to Rod at Fetish Records who made this recording at Jacobs Studios possible.
Closing message a “Zuccarelli Holophonic” TM Recording with the assistance of Mike King.
Recorded at The Building Site in 1984. Cut at Utopia.
Remastered September 2010 @ Skye Mastering, UK
Cover photo: the Spirit Dance of the Mescalero Apaches.
Remastered at Jhopdi Studios, San Rafael, California in August 1993
Presented by Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth (UK & USA) Sunday 22 April 1984 & Monday 23 April 1984 Club 950, Chicago U.S.A.
Sponsored By Antidote Radio & Frank Rothschild.
Recorded 22nd April 1984 at 'Eventwoks', Boston Massachusetts College of Arts, Massachusetts, USA.
On Easter Sunday, 22nd April 1984, Psychic TV, as composed of Genesis P-Orridge and John Gosling, gave a performance at the Longwood Theatre of the Massachusetts College of Art. This Unholy event for the holy weekend entirely consisted of a presentation of pre-recorded audio and video tape, with the exception of a brief selection when Gen plinked a few notes on a piano along with a tape loop of Aleister Crowley chanting to evoke demons. The videos presented including a COUM Transmission performance from '77 with penisses and clitorises pierced, other assorted bondage and discipline films, Jim Jones, Charles Manson, Roman Polanski, Brion Gyson's Dreammachine in operation, and the final video was a PTV production, “Terminus” which treats the subject of people who have given up hope. The audio inckudes both finished PTV and Throbbing Gristle pieces plus tapes mixed during the performance. These were primarily tapes of various religious and mystical rituals at their peaks put on loops.
This event also involved another sister event which took place the previous Good Friday in Reykjavik, Iceland. It was hoped that there might be a “Psychick” influence between the two, that remains to be seen.
Thanks to Todd Crawford for the photograph of Genesis Breyer P-Orridge taken for Swoon Magazine in 2007. 

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